San Lorenzo Towage

San Lorenzo Coast Guard has established by Disp. nº 0029094/12 that all vessels exceeding 185,00 Mts LOA will require compulsory tug boat assistance (min. tug boat cap. 1.500Kw) to perform turning or any other kind of maneuvers at the Center manoeuvering area of San Lorenzo port (Km 447,3 to Km 447.9).
Such disposition will affect:
* Vessels sailing from El Transito / Nidera / Pampa and Dempa that have to either sail downstream or upstream.
* Vessels proceeding from berths upstream of Nidera (Quebracho, Terminal 6, Alto Parana, Timbues) that have to turn upstream at the center maneuvering area in order to enter El Transito, Nidera, Pampa or Dempa berths.
* Vessels sailing from Aca, Akzo Nobel, Vicentin and San Benito berths could also be affected in case there are other vessels anchored at the Southern roads that prevent them from turning in such area and vessels could be compelled to proceed to the center maneuvering area to turn the ship downstream with tug boat assistance.

This new ordinance came in force on Oct 22nd, 2012.

    • San Lorenzo Towage
    • San Lorenzo Towage